AwesOme Friends

My Best Friend

She's the one I love the most.. Her name is Wanie.. She lives at Kg Bukit Kechil, Kuala TErengganu.
Our first day meeting is at 18.1.2011 where it was my first day working as a cashier at Emporium Hock Kee Seng, Kuala Terengganu.
 She's the one and only bestie that i have in my wholelife.. a friend that listened to me the most and of course she's a very good listener.
thre she is..
I hope she will be my bestie forever even we didnt get to meet as frequent as before..

My Beloved Roomate
She is Siti Nilan bt Harimi..
She comes from Kelantan and we complete each other well.
Sometimes we had a small misunderstanding of each other but we managed to handle it very well.
I'm trying my best to be a good friend for u Nilan..
thanks to u tOo for being such a good friend for me..
and.. HOpe u read this..
Last week, we had our lunch at Pak Arab's Restaurant. It was so wonderful becOz it was my first time there.
Mandi Chicken Briani that we had .. walaweiii.. made me full till the night..

ngeh3.. dis is our snap at Street Mall.. The Bus stop of The Street Mall.. hahaa

Friends of Terengganukiens

They are awesOme friends of mine.. Had awesOme moment in Kirkby with them..


Thanks a lOt for being nice to me..

anddddd...... last but not least..
 my 'boy' friends.. hahaahaa.. Just want to highlight my Boy frens here.. ngeh3..
We have a good time together. Both of them.. 'bOth'!!
Both of them is Tasyriq and Aslam and both also I got 2 know them when I had my program of Spm during high school.
I knew him when I go 2 Kem Skor A Spm at Mid Town Hotel

Before leaving, all of the members joining changed each others phone number. hehe.. and.. fews day later, he had asked me to add him on Fb.
He's from SyaM and he's an expert in Physics subject. He always get 90 something. So, i grab that chance to learn something from him.. hehehe
and until now.. we have become friend.. he's such a good fren and protective one..muehehee

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