kirkby life

An Awesome trip to Pangkor Island. That was the best experince i have ever had because this is my first time to get there...
 this is a video at Pangkor Island

Pangkor Trip

this is the place that i live in..
Cyberia Cresent 1..

and.. for sure.. a snap of Kirkby International College
--------> Photos of events at Kirkby International College

dis pic is when we're celebrating Chinese New Years, Our Class Festival and not forgotten this recent match.. Fancy Dress Football..

Taman Tasek Cyberjaya
This is one of the best place i ever had.. i love 2 come here during the weekend wif my roomate of cos Siti Nilan n Syumailah.. 

when i went there.. i can feel the peace where i cannot get from anywhere else..instead of the playground that become our best spot..
dats the best playground becoz we could play like all those children n forgot we're 19th.. muehehe..

wif my lovely housemates.. jaja, tengku, syema, naney, mira n of coz my roomate, nilan..